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Last Update: Jan. 8, 1998

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Benchin' Software Review
Reviews of commercial software products. site
Look for downloadable software.

Electronics Manufacturers
Find hundreds of hardware companies.

Largest indexed collection of shareware files.

Find Shareware, Freeware, and Commercial Software.

93,000 Shareware & Freeware Programs
Search the Microsoft site.
Search the CMP Publications (many pubs)

Dedicated to animation, sound, chat.
Locate sites for thousands of freeware and shareware.

The Software Sharing Resource Library
Find software that you can download directly to your machine.

Silicon Valley Web Directory
Hierarchical index and directory for over 5,500 world wide websites about Silicon Valley

Snoopie Power Query
Millions files have been indexed for download at over 450 ftp sites.

Source of information on technology conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows.

Trade Show Central Search Utility
infor about trade shows.

Internet Software, performance rated.

Whoopie Audio and Video Directory
Sites with audio/video content.

Who's Who Online®
Contains professional and biographical data about individuals of accomplishment who are part of the worldwide Internet community.
The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site.

ZD Net Software Library
Search ZDNET and all associated sites

ZD Net Software Library
Search one of the most popular sources of shareware.

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