We contracted with Sky Trekking Alaska to provide meals, lodge accomodations, and travel during our Iditarod activities. We headquarted at a Best Western lodge on a lake next to Sarah Palin's house. We didn't see Sarah at the house since we were on the trail early each day and back late. We did see her at the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage. At the Official start, we worked as Crossing Guards letting folks cross the starting chute between the sleds. All the sleds start at 2 minute intervals and the crowd can move across the chute from one side to the other for about a minute between the sled starts. Again, the real benefit of volunteering is that we were able to get into restricted areas and mingle with the mushers and dogs. What a great opportunity.The next couple of days, Sky Trekking took us to some of the checkpoints. The transportation was by either 4 seat or 6 seat ski planes. When we landed at the Yentna checkpoint, and tried to walk to the checkpoint, we found ourselves trying to walk through knee to waist deep snow. Fortunately, some snowmobilers gave us a ride from the plane to the checkpoint. We also got in some great sightseeing as the pilots took us through the mountains and glaciers at very low levels. What beauty but what a rugged landscape. There is nothing like seeing Alaska in the winter. The next day we flew along the trail watching the mushers and dogs on the trail and checking in at the next checkpoint.